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Indian Home Visit

Indian Home Visit

One of the most defining characteristics of Indian culture is hospitality. People in India have the highest regard for guests and value hospitality. A common saying here is “atithi devo bhav,” meaning, “Guests are forms of God.”

In India, visit to Indian homes is an exciting attraction which, now days, many tourists have started visiting to get familiar to the Indian tradition and culture. Because of this demand, we have started this service and are offering our guests to visit the Indian home for the great experience.

Your hosts will be very happy on your visit. On the Indian home visit you will get a chance to experience to interact freely with the members of the family, how they live, their lifestyle, their middle class style of living standard, and lot more. On your visit, you will also be served delicious home made vegetarian/non-vegetarian meal whose taste, by and large, is different then the food served at hotels and restaurants. You will love such food which is so different. All the meal is cooked in front of the guests who also get a chance to experience how the Indian food is cooked, ingredients used, etc. If they wish, they can also learn how to cook the Indian meal.

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