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India Travel Guide






Kerala is only one of the top ten listed tourist destination of India admired by the tourists of whole world. This place is ideal for relaxing because of calm atmosphere and tropical scenery which include from palm-fringed beaches and shimmering backwaters to multicolored villages and wildlife.

The natural prettiness of Kerala is a world famous because it attracts a large number of tourists along its shore. You will love to enjoy cruising through unique luxury houseboats of Kerala, breathtakingly beautiful backwaters, passing rustic countryside, tropical palm groves and paddy fields. This is one of the most favored tourist destinations in India and also by the honeymoon couples and nature lovers. This place has beautifully supervised to protect its naturally gifted beauty and simultaneously developing itself as a mostly favored tourist destination. For tourist this state has well set hotels, beach resorts, Backwater resorts and also treehouses which provide to the necessity of ever increasing tourists.

The backwater tour of Kerala is a package that gives you an enjoyable lifetime experience. The main two regions of Kerala known for their backwaters are Kumarakom and Alleppey. The twenty hours of boat cruise from Alleppey to Kumarakom is a unique lifetime experience for tourists. You will have your leisure trips of Kerala in houseboats which are huge, exotic barges, slow-moving previously known as Kettuvallam. In earlier time, these boats were used for transportation. Nowadays it is popular as a major tourist attraction. These houseboats are beautifully made, well maintained with amenities and facilities, eco-friendly which ensures you a memorable stay. You will be provided with the facilities like Herbal Massage and Ayurvedic Treatment on the deck.

Kerala is also famous because of wildlife as this state is sanctified with a copious variety of flora and fauna. Some of the well-liked destinations of Kerala are Parambikulam Wild Life Sanctuary, Periyar Wild Life Sanctuary, Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, Eravikulam National Park and Thattekad Bird Sanctuary. The most admired species of Kerala wildlife are elephants. Despite of Elephants, tigers are also well-liked inhabitants of the jungle. Other species found in large numbers are deer, Sambar and wild buffalos.

There are still many destinations left to describe what Kerala offers to its tourists. The famous beaches, lush green landscape and snow clad hill stations are some typical part known with the state that attract the tourist to explore more of the state. The Kerala tour in India is bound to be a memorable experience-be it the Kerala wildlife tour, Kerala backwaters tour, Hill stations or the Kerala beaches.

Ayurveda Spa Vacations
India tour Operators, offers you the best in Ayurveda Spa Vacation in Kerala, is a largest Destination for Ayurveda. It is a religion in Kerala. Kerala has some of the best-equipped resorts and health centers for Ayurveda spa in beautiful locations. In this tour involves various herbal massages, steam baths and yoga. In this therapy herbal medicated oils, medicated milk, medicated buttermilk etc., are poured on the forehead in a special method followed by Indian head massage. It relieves mental tension, provides peace of mind and checks stress and strain. Tunes up brain functions, help to improve memory.

The secrets of Ayurveda lies in the unique understanding of this delicate balance, which is the perfect combination of three somatic humors - Vata, Pitta and Kapha - that determines the person you are. If you follow all the directions of the "VAIDYA", we can assure you that you will come out totally relaxed and a great feeling of wellness.

KERALA is the front-runner in providing the best wellness therapies to its seekers. The state has many hotels that offer finest spa facilities to tourists visiting the state. Apart from hotel spas, the state has various AYURVEDA ashrams that are practicing the Ayurvedic treatments for a long time. These ashrams are the ideal centres for AYURVEDA treatments.

As in ancient times, SPAS in the present too exist to provide the people with services that fulfill three of their basic needs at three levels of being, which are: relaxation, revitalization, and rejuvenation for body, mind, and spirit. Such desired results have historically been more easily achieved in destination spas where one can detach themselves from their daily stereotype worldly concerns. The LUXURY SPAS available here are your passports to wellness and rejuvenation.

AYURVEDA again, is the most practical and sensible medical system present in the world, which emphasizes on prevention of diseases, rejuvenation of the body systems, and improved durability of the human systems. Proper guided Ayurvedic practices help in maintaining health, reducing stress, and improving flexibility, strength, and stamina. This oldest surviving complete medical system of India focuses on healing all aspects of the body and mind, applying diverse simple natural healing methods including massage, rejuvenation, Panchakarma, herbs, detoxification, diet, lifestyle, herbal formulations, medicated oils, exercise, yoga and meditation.

When unconventional lifestyles and nerve-racking schedules of the cosmopolitan circuits are taking toll on the simple beings, AYURVEDA, which is the most Ancient Indian art of healing offers respite. The inability of modern allopathic treatments to dispel the sicknesses or current forms of diseases has convinced an increasing number of people to turn to seek help and respite from AYURVEDA, which has a plethora of ancient secret therapies for even the hardest intractable diseases. Besides yoga, AYURVEDA is one of the new salves for fevered souls. It uses nothing unnatural. Simple natural herbs and some of their oils do the wonders of giving a better life to seekers of it.

And KERALA's composed climate, natural abundance of forests (with a wealth of herbs and medicinal plants), and the cool monsoon season (June - November) are best suited for AYURVEDA's curative, invigorative and restorative programs.

In fact, today KERALA happens to be the only state in India, which practices this system of medicine with absolute and unquestionable dedication.
KERALA is undoubtedly 'GOD�S OWN COUNTRY'. It's renowned for its ancient magical Ayurvedic therapies, throughout the entire world. Though AYURVEDA is definitely an ancient science, it happily gets accepted in the contemporarily existing open world owing to its proficiently brilliant multitasking.

KERALA not only boasts about its innumerable best-equipped health care centres, and resorts for Ayurvedic spa in beautiful sites; it has also taken good initiative to assure the best of services for its valued customers.

The bona fide therapeutic skills developed over around five thousand or more years, from when Ayurvedic medicine has been accepted and practiced in and around India, are dispensed by efficient and well-trained Ayurvedic practitioners, to guarantee the best and accurate outcomes expected. Some experiences change your outlook forever. And the experience of wellness achieved after attending the regular sessions of any AYURVEDIC SPA PROGRAMS here would be one such, for sure.

They proudly say that Health becomes contagious once you trust them to serve you and give them a chance to sort out your problems. Moreover, we already know that once you cure your body, your mind cures itself. So, for every tired soul on which the stress, pressure and cares of the contemporary materialistic lifestyles have taken a toll, a trip to KERALA is hoped to be an essential requisite. And then certainly, a WELLNESS PROGRAMME like an AYURVEDIC SPA TREATMENT in one of the LUXURY SPAS there should do the healing wonders.

Kerala Beaches

  • Kovalam Beach : Most of India’s optimum beaches are in Kerala. Kovalam beach offers a panoramic view of wrapping round the sandy beaches with rocky promontories and coconut palms. This beach resort is a most remarkable tourist destination for both national and international travelers. Kovalam beach comprises of three semi-circular beaches as the lighthouse beach, the middle beach and the beach north to Ashok Raddision resort.
  • Marari Beach : Marari, 60 km south to Cochin is a sleepy fishing village and an ideal vacation destination. Marari gives endless miles of extra ordinary sand beaches backed by credible palms. Several beach activities as sailing to the backwaters and traditional coir making units are likeable here. Visitors can also indulge in amazing water sports of Marari as surfing, swimming and parasailing.
  • Varkala Beach : Varkala Beach is a serene isolated sandy stretch offers a relaxing holiday to the visitors. It is the most calm and separate beach of Kerala free from the din and hassle of everyday life. Varkala beach is also popular for it’s wide range of scenic spots in a very close proximity. Bathe in the water from the mineral springs is a most likeable activity of the beach.
  • Alappuzha Beach : Alappuzha Beach is one of the most interesting spot in the district of Alappuzha. It is also emerging as a backwater tourist center able to grab thousands of foreign tourists every year. The entertainment facility of Vijaya Beach Park is the exciting features of Alappuzha beach. The old lighthouse nearby the beach gives another signature to the enthusiasm and excitement of the place Alappuzha.
  • Beypore Beach : Situated on the mouth of Chaliyar river the Beypore beach is the most appealing ports and fishing harbors of ancient Kerala. Beypore is an important trade and marine center and a famous shipbuilding industry of Kerala. This miraculously unspoiled natural wilderness of Beypore beach is accountable in making Kerala a genuine travel halt.
  • Pathiramanal Beach : Pathiramanal is a striking island located in between Thaneermukkom and Kumarakom. Boat is the only means of transportation to Pathiramanal. It’s a home of the huge array of migratory birds in different parts of the land. The island is surrounded by Vembanad Lake and counted as a world-class tourist halt for its wide abundance of scenic beauties.


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